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Our Mission

By offering classes for a diversity of ages, interests, and levels, Art of Dance Studio presents dance as an art form, a path to physical fitness, a career path, and a way of life.

Classes for Youth

Art of Dance is an excellent foundation to to help a youth grow in all areas of life.  Our classes help build character, courage, determination, purpose, physical and psychological balance, and creativity.  Classes are available for girls and boys as young as age 3, and build all the way to advanced classes where teens and young adults learn the technical and artistic skills to excel at nationally competitive levels.  Introductory classes are offered at every level to allow new dancers to begin their own path toward their personal goals in dance.

Classes for Adults

Our adult classes also fit a variety of interests and personal goals.   They range from beginner classes focusing on fitness in a friendly and supportive setting, to advanced classes that include opportunities for performance and competition.  Regardless of the level or style, all of our classes focus on dance as an art-form teaching style and technique.  Most importantly, all of our classes offer dancers a path toward fitness, friendship, and artistic expression.


8479 W Broadway Ave, Brooklyn Park, MN 55445

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